How to Avoid Misjudging Yardage

There’s no bow hunter who’s never missed his/her target. While many reasons inform this fact, misjudging yardage is the most common. You might be wrong to assume that today’s age of flat-shooting compounds and best hunting rangefinder can missing of targets shouldn’t be happening (check here if you need a guide:

To get an effective solution, we must ask ourselves what’s the root cause of misjudging yardage.

High speed is one of the reasons that can result to misjudging yardage. Events can unfold at such a high speed that fails to allow a bow hunter to get his gadget and focus on the target. Animals boast the ability to change a 25-yard shot to a 33-yard poke by just taking a couple of steps. Consequently, you shouldn’t give a rip which you are used to shooting at constant ranges especially if you have ample time to execute your shot.

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I am most fortunate to have two large, beautiful, eight-year-old malamutes. Red and Wolf by name, littermates, and my companions since they were six weeks old. Every once in a while, Red will be bothered by a flea and go after it, biting with great gusto. It appeared that was the situation recently.

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From the snowy hardwoods of the North to the pine forests of the South, hunters make their pilgrimage each autumn to remote farms and forests to celebrate the most special day in the deer woods – the whitetail opener. Here are two views.

You’re already awake when the alarm goes off. Heck, you’ve been awake most of the night, one minute restlessly dozing, the next jerking upright in bed to check the clock, partially out of anticipation, partially out of fear that you’ll oversleep and miss the most important sunrise of the year. But each time you sit up, you’re reminded that, at least for now, all is well with the world. You’re surrounded by the peaceful rumble of the snores of your fellow hunters.

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