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Getting the Flawless Serve: Badminton Rules

This article will share the valuable information about the rules of badminton. Moreover, ways of getting serve. It is a well-known fact that in racket centered games, good defense is considered as an important offense. Therefore, if you really working hard to win any game, it is vital to ensure that you do your best especially when it’s your chance to serve.

It is worth mentioning that a firm serve can assist to make it sure that players do not have to finish while defending themselves when they are actually playing the game. Besides this, one of the best tricks related to good servers is to ensure that players are fully responsive to the service instructions & rules and be able to stick to these rules.

Service mistakes are high and especially some others games like badminton in which you can expect anything,   it is vital to ensure that players are leading all through their service in addition not protecting. However, keeping in view the above discussion, I would like to share some important service rules, which players have to obey & follow during the game.

The rules of badminton

  1. Never Delay

One of the most basic and essential rules is that never delay. Always remember that service method in the badminton comprises of a particular position where players raise their back foot. As they raised their back foot, they cannot go forward and backward, however, they must serve straightaway. If they fail to do, then a point will be given to another side.

  1. Placing

It is vital to know that the service in both games i.e. tennis and badminton includes both players who are holding their positions on the contradictory crosswise side of a court. Moreover, if they become successful in serving correctly ahead of their opponent, then again a point will be awarded to their opponent. Apart from this, positioning is very essential in the double badminton. Moreover, in case of the double badminton, players are unable to block the outlook of their opponents to serve. It is vital that both feet should touch the court.

  1. Rules of Racket

It is compulsory that racket hit a base or bottom of a shuttlecock, especially in Badminton. It is crucial to remember that racket tube simply point downwards. It simply means that head of a racket should be directed upward. Furthermore, it is vital to note that throughout the service, racket only initiates from a back and lasts forward. Players cannot move their racket backward and forward when it initiates to move ahead.

  1. Rules of Shuttlecock

Rules of Shuttlecock

Throughout the service, shuttlecock should always be under a waste of player who is serving. Moreover, shuttlecock does not hit in downwards motion during the service; however, it should hit in upwards motion. If players miss, the shuttlecock then points will be given to the opponent.

  1. Good Manners

It is not advisable to serve, especially if your opponent is not ready for the game.


the purpose of service rules is to give the players a fair game. Moreover, these rules ensure that players have a firm service.

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