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How to Avoid Misjudging Yardage

How to Avoid Misjudging Yardage

There’s no bow hunter who’s never missed his/her target. While many reasons inform this fact, misjudging yardage is the most common. You might be wrong to assume that today’s age of flat-shooting compounds and best hunting rangefinder can missing of targets shouldn’t be happening (check here if you need a guide:

To get an effective solution, we must ask ourselves what’s the root cause of misjudging yardage.

High speed is one of the reasons that can result to misjudging yardage. Events can unfold at such a high speed that fails to allow a bow hunter to get his gadget and focus on the target. Animals boast the ability to change a 25-yard shot to a 33-yard poke by just taking a couple of steps. Consequently, you shouldn’t give a rip which you are used to shooting at constant ranges especially if you have ample time to execute your shot.

Most users of rangefinders use the wrong pin whenever a change of locations messes up your internal rangefinder. The truth is that most whitetail hunters in the East and Midwest have certainly learnt this mistake the hard way particularly when traveling West to pursue elk, antelope and mule deer. 

The importance of ranging every shot

The importance of ranging every shot

Most people use rangefinders mainly when hunting. Few use this gadget during practice sessions. Most certainly, it’s a huge mistake.

For better guessing, you must range each of your single shots. Avoid ranging only when on the field. It’s important to be in the habit of ranging during practice sessions that lead up to your hunt. Once you draw your bow, you need to know the particular range which you’re aiming. 

Why range when not shooting

It’s important to range landmarks when hunting and you have downtime. It serves to solidify your knowledge of the distance of certain trees or rocks. Additionally, it ensures your mind is sharp. This strategy serves the task of reminding you to always utilize your rangefinder whenever you can. 

Always keep your gadget close

Always keep your gadget close

The last thing you want is to stuff your rangefinder deep inside your jacket. In fact, it won’t be of much use particularly when a target walks to your corner and looks right into your direction.

Many bow hunters miss countless animals not because their bow hunter did not have a rangefinder but because utilizing it can result in a game-spooking movement. If you notice that your gadget is not accessible effortlessly, then you must rethink your entire system. 

Embrace technology

Some individuals are of the opinion that an excellent rangefinder offers an unfair advantage to a hunter. Well, that’s their opinion. Of great importance to note is the fact that going cheap shouldn’t be an option. You need a device that not only accounts of shot angle but can also offer almost instantaneous readings. Your gadget’s display must be effortlessly readable.

If you really desire a laser rangefinder, there’s no shortcut, you must pick the best one. The last thing you want is to use a rangefinder that isn’t able to offer a readout due to reasons such as tall grass or fog. When such a thing happens, the additional money you had saved trying to go the inexpensive route will turn out to be a poor financial decision for sure. 

So which is the best rangefinder option?

So which is the best rangefinder option

Having used an array of rangefinders, I can authoritatively confirm that the best rangefinder option is the impressive Vendetta 2 from Leupold. I’ve spent quite some time messing around with the premier version of bow-mounted Vendetta. I can safely say that it’s a game-changer particularly for a specific group of bow hunters.

It’s ideal for experienced hunters that understand the entire set up. That means that they boast the knowledge to set it up correctly as well as spend some quality time practicing with it in such a way that they become highly comfortable using it.

One of the best attributes about this hunting rangefinder is that it’s very simple to mount to your crossbow or compound. Additionally, it’s designed perfectly with a push-button activation which attaches effortlessly to your bow grip. This feature coupled with its One Touch Continuous Scan enables you to view constant range readings even while at full draw. Did you know that this is only rangefinder which boasts this feature? It simply means that you’ll always be in the know about the bull elk that approaches your cow chirping. Finally yet importantly, this rangefinder drastically cuts down on excess noise and movement. 

In Summary

What is for sure is the fact that this kind of practice will certainly make any kind of hunter not only accurate but also lethal in the woods. This is particularly true if you utilize a product that features exact and instantaneous range readings when you really need it to just like the Vendetta 2 does. There’s no doubt about that.

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