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Selecting a new racquet for Badminton – People thoughts (P2)


Is there a real need to buy a racket?

Players make a self-created belief around them to justify the need for a new racket. Although most of the time, it is not required but luring ads from racquet companies make them buy one, which is not true.

Players need to invest in coaching course if they want an improvement in the game. The only suitable time to go for a new racket is when it has worn out or have cracks. Re-string also matters the improvement of a player’s game.

  1. Current racquet – Best and worse features

Knowing the fact that on what basis you love your current racket is a key point you need to know at any cost. Testing a racquet for stiff or flexible shaft will help in making a right decision.

  1. What must be focused with new racquet?

It can only be answered when you look thoroughly at the current game in order to decide what aspect you want to work in order to progress. Would a new racket will really help? Based on characterizes you have on the personal list, it would result in the positive answer.

  1. What key areas did I need to focus until I improve in them?

It is of the same significance as Question No 3. Let us have a look at the example. In case you have decided to improve your overhead and want some more command in it, for that you might need a heavy racket. Although it might result in immediate skills in defensive shot close to the network side as racquet movement will be little slower then racket which you be using currently. Armchair exercise can certainly improve this practice.

  1. New Racket cost also matter

This is the basic question we all need to answer. There is a budget associated with our game so you need to first decide that you looking for expensive racquets or looking for mid-price rackets where you can get 2 or many of the same racket. When you get to know that it is the one, so remind the spare time when your racket’s string is broken or frame is damaged.


I have tried to cover many points here. Always remember that there is no accurate decision making held for buying a new racket. Listening to what other players say also helps but keep in mind that everybody is unique and if a racket best suited them, may not suits you well. Do ask them for a trial run of their rackets so that you can decide that if you need to keep that particular racket in your list or need to omit its name if it is not something worth investing.

Referring to above-mentioned questions will make you a more rational decision. One thing you need to keep out of your way is your ego. Just not buy from a new release of racket manufacturers even if it is being used by your favorite player. What is best for them is might not be good for you as it may not result in you playing like them! So use your sense and invest wisely.

Always keep in mind that better results are can be achieved by investing in coaching or in coach. Address technical techniques issues and learning skills can also result in the better game while your rackets will not last in comparison to learnings.

Mr. Paul Stewart as one of the famous advance level coach from Chesire, UK and also gives coaching lessons at Lancashire, UK. In past, he acted as head coach of the junior team from 1995 till 1999. The team secured the 3rd place at prestigious ICT tournament 1999.

He runs weekly sessions for league level players of badminton and taking coaches classes of juniors team as assistant coach.

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