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Selecting a new racquet for Badminton – People thoughts (part 1)

I receive multiple emails from players from many countries sharing their playing style of badminton and asking for the type of racket best suited their playing style.

My forum and blog serve this purpose to address this type of queries so I always suggest reading it first. However, I will share my thoughts again with people who have not been able to catch my blog now.

“Your technique, style, experience, muscular structure and physique differs from me and also unique in this matter. Your feelings about rackets will be also differs from any person in this world. So this is the core reason, no one can advise you accurately about a best racket”

You need to take this decision all alone that which racket suits your style best. However, it can be a problem for many players as most of them don’t have the privilege to get a variety of racquets.  Very few sports shops offer demo rackets for testing in real court, so it means, getting a racket of your choice in the 1st attempt is almost impossible.

Experience Matters?

  • As your timeframe of playing badminton extends, you grow a natural instinct towards your likeness or dislikes towards badminton racket.  This experience can sometimes cause loss to your badminton game. Let us see how:
  • Few years before, I bought Armotec 900 series Power racket. I really liked it and it seems to cover a lot of game aspects. But the problem arises when I realized that I am not a natural hitter, so I need extra weight in racket’s head to address this.
  • Once I was doing a demo programme with another player during which I struggled with my defense. I immediately switched my racket to a head light version i.e. Nanospeed 9900. With this change, I have seen significant improvement in defense and hard hitting.
  • Due to the games, I observed that smashes hit by me are being returned. After a long research to conclude that what actually is happening, I came know that I got adjusted to racket with light head. When I changed racket, my muscles, which were working hard, but eased off with time, eventually caused the worse result.
  • This resulted in picking old AT900P again and trying luck with it. It felt little slower but I tried smashes, it immediately improved. Therefore, this way, it all is opened to me that what actually happened. This took me to understand questions which I need to ask myself before selecting a racquet.
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